JGmax 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset with Head-mounted Headband for 4~6 Inch Smartphones for 3D Movies and Games,Google, iPhone, Samsung Note, LG, HTC, Moto

Virtual Reality headsets are the second generation VR headsets, NEWLY RELEASED, you can watch VR 3d Movies using 4 to 6 smart phones. , they passed strict optical imaging test, so that the frames will not transform and users do not worry about the damages towards eyes, you can get 3D games Google play or Apple App Store , these are second generation VR headset newly released. These VR headsets have *Heavy-calibre lenses cone design, *Max screen experience, *lenses are imported from Japan *Lenses present high transparency and causes NO damage to your eyes *built in diffuse reflection lens hood design Light transmission and reflection Tested with flocking diffuse reflection materials *Excellent light absorption effect achieved without increase in weight *99% Sharpness *100% visibility *0% Color difference *Multiple riser vents at front,* top and sides to for the mobile to stay cool *Thermal design* Flexible headband (adjustable) *PU texture, *Neat stitching, Stick together *Professional touch control button design *Detachable front cover design *Lenses are imported from Japan and assembled in China *support glasses-wearing correction (eye sight glasses) without degree limitation

BOBOVR is the second generation virtual reality headset, newly released, which can realize the functions of 3D Movie , Virtual Game , Virtual Cinema and Virtual Scene Reappearance , etc. When matching with 4 to 6 inch smart phones .


Size : 170*105*125 mm

Applicable Mobile Phone : 4 to 6 inch mobile phone

Weight : about 190g

Support glasses -wearing correction without degree limitation

To be more comfortable when viewing , we suggest you to view with a layback of 45℃-60℃

Comfortable Design with ADJUSTABLE HEADBANDS, Professional touch control button design, SUPPORT EYE GLASSES without degree limitaion, Lenses made in Japan,
Experience the Immersive, fun and exciting world of VR yourself, Users can PLAY, INTERACT, FLY and VISIT PLACES
New Revolutionary Technology turns your smart phone to virtual reality experience
Use with 4” to 6” Smartphone, Android and IOS, watch immersive 3D videos and enjoy shocking effect by downloading virtual reality apps from Apple App Store and Google Play Store
NO DAMAGE to your EYES from our lenses

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  • fits well on different head sizes
  • good price


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