Sony HMZ-T2 Wearable HDTV 2D/3D

Get into the wearable HDTV from Sony. Experience your favorite movies and games with a virtual 150 inch screen and 5.1 Surround Sound- even in 3D!1 Dual OLED screens provide brilliant colors and clarity. Fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. Now playing for your eyes and ears only.Truly immersive 2D and 3D1 movies and gaming
Virtual 51 Headphones for surround sound
The equivalent of a personal 150 inch movie screen
Dual HD OLED Displays for outstanding image quality
Adjustable for comfort for virtually all head shapes and sizes

Buy now for $763.65 (Product number: B005SCYZGA)


  • comfortable and easy to understand
  • good picture quality
  • good 3D quality


  • sound could be better


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