Innoo Tech Virtual Reality Glasses 3D VR Goggles Headset for Imax 3D Movies, Panoramic immersive Videos, 3D Games Compatible with 3.5 – 6 Inch Android IOS Smartphone

The future of entertainment — the consumer-level VR device is new arrival.

Innoo Tech virtual reality glasses, get your first taste of virtual reality which is something you’ll be very interested in trying out.

Be transported into another world with the Innoo Tech VR Glasses Compatible with Android and iOS devices, This VR Glasses provide an immersive virtual reality experience powered by your smartphone.and are amazingly comfortable, durable, and hygienic since they’re easy to wipe clean.

Warranty information: You’re covered with a 12-month guarantee with normal use.

Innoo Tech 3D VR glasses holds up a mirror between the real and the virtual, breathing new life into our traditional forms of entertainment.

Join the VR revolution and experience 3D entertainment on the go! Act now and add it to cart, sharing the joy with your friends!
The Innovative Consumer-level VR Goggle — The 3D VR Glasses uses circularly polarized light to create stunning and immersive virtual reality environments from the latest 3D movies and games. Experience your favorites like never before and enjoy a full 3D VR experience wherever you are.
Wide Compatibility — The headset features an extra-large phone dock for handsets displays of between 3.5 – 6 inches. Magnets hold everything firmly in place and allow for easy removal installation and removal of the handset.
Comfortable Leather Face — The headset has been designed for your comfort and includes a faceplate that has been engineered to stay put and for maximum heat dissipation. Heat is allowed to escape much more efficiently than with other VR headsets. Compared with other models, this headset can operate at temperatures 8oC cooler.
Supports IPD and Distance Vision Adjustments — The device can be adjusted for users with myopia up to 400 degrees. IPD (Interpupillary Distance, the distance between the eyes) can be adjusted to the requirements of each user.
Ergonomic Head Belt Design — The headset has been designed ergonomically and produced using soft, flexible leather for a natural, comfortable fit. It’s so comfortable to wear, you can allow yourself to become fully immersed in the world of VR.

Buy now for $49.99 (Product number: B01DEW1KSG)


  • very comfortable
  • magnetic phone holder


  • supplemenatary bluetooth remote control needed


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